Monday, June 2, 2014

Shooting with Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly

Hello dear readers,

I would like to present you one of my favourite photographers  -  Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly
Recently I had opportunity to shoot in diners bar with Bostjan. Photos turned out great, so I decided to share more of it here and tell you more about Bostjan.

"Bostjan Tacol is professional photographer with more than 15 years  of working experience. Beside working as a photojournalist  for one of country’s major newspaper, Bostjan has established himself also as succesful portrait and fashion photographer. His big affection to  rock’n'roll music, 50′s lifestyle and vintage fashion has been main influence in his personal  work. That’s how his most common motif  became pin-up girls and hotrod cars, shot with delicate sense for light and carefull toning to achive his signature colourfull, sometimes allmost as illustrated, vintage look."

Visit for more Bostjan's work and check out Bostjan's interview with Literary Orphans.

Click on photos for higher resolution:

Photo by Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly  -  Heels by Uturn Utopia 

Photo by Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly  -  Heels by Uturn Utopia  -  Hair fascinator by Cook's Stuff

One more with Ana Perduv:

Ana is wearing dress by British Retro

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Miss Bo