Friday, May 16, 2014

I Love Vintage - BANNOU

My latest collaboration was with BANNOU, the first clothing brand of Faranak Mirjalili, designer and co-founder of retailer I Love Vintage.

I LOVE VINTAGE (ILV) is Europe's leading destination for modern women who feel they can freely express their femininity using the classic era's and silhouettes as inspiration. 
ILV was founded by brother and sister, Babak and Faranak Mirjalili in 2006. What started out as a hobby for Faranak in 2005, grew in a few years into Europe's leading e-commerce company in the vintage and indie-designer space (with its own click&brick store in Amsterdam). 
In 2013, Faranak has put all her vision and knowledge into ILV's very own line named BANNOU; a fashion brand dedicated to bring the best of the classic era's with a new, modern philosophy by choosing to be as socially and environmentally friendly as possible, throughout the entire supply-chain.

BANNOU is a socially and environmentally responsible brand and each BANNOU comes with a Sustainability Pyramid Tag that shows you how green your piece exactly is.
This pyramid illustrates the different sustainability levels of BANNOU's designs. Level one is at the top: these items are made of durable materials, certified according to social standards and dyed in an environmentally friendly way. Or they are made from recycled materials. However, there are few pieces that are classified as level one. The second level relates to items that are made of durable materials but these are not environmentally friendly dyed (or she can’t ascertain that yet). Level three items are made from natural materials, but not necessarily organic. The transition between different levels is by no means a hard one.

BANNOU items are made in a sewing atelier in Romania under supervision of our founder.

A nice tailored look is achieved through the small pleats at the front and at the back around the waist. Folds from the shoulderpieces model the cups that envelop the feminine curves. In the front the waistbands wrap the two parts together and are tied up into a large bow. Because of the soft fabric the short cap sleeves fall nicely over the shoulder. A chic blouse for everyday. The Marina Blouse is made of cotton on nylon and thus stands at Level 3.

Great quality lace top that also comes in Navy, Red and Black. The color I'm wearing is Petrol, and is one of my favorites colors from now. I'm wearing only bra beneath at this shooting.

The Zola Skirt is perfect for any occasion! From the front its a super classic skirt, and then, when you turn around, you amaze your audience with a pleated 'Edwardian inspired' ruches on your buttocks. Includes a strong, metal zipper on the back so you can zip it up easily!

The Black version of the Zola Dress is made from a Cotton/Spandex mix that deserves a spot in Level 3. The Cotton/Spandex mix is a heavy quality weave with a lot of stretch.

I love this skirt because it's made of great quality and heavy-weight material that fits perfectly and keeps everything in place. 'Edwardian inspired' ruches is what makes this skirt very special at first sight. My favorite skirt I own! Highly recommend! :)

Shop for BANNOU collection at I Love Vintage.

Thank you I Love Vintage for this collaboration, it was my pleasure!

Miss Bo

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